March 25, 2016

RFID Tire Patch

The RFID sensor patch is up on Tindie now!

Fits right in a football or tire. Measure pressure with your smartphone with no battery required!

Whenever I get a flat during a bike ride, I have to use a CO2 inflator or a hand pump with no pressure gauge to inflate the tire. I’m always left wondering if there’s enough pressure or if it’s still leaking. It can be hard to tell by touch or sight. This low cost RFID pressure tag is intended to be sealed internal to the tire’s tube to easily measure the pressure. Best of all, it’s readable with an NFC-enabled smartphone, which I always take with me on rides.

To use the tire patch, puncture a small hole in the inflatable, and align the hole in the pressure sensor IC with the hole in the inflatable.

What can I do with an RFID tire patch?

​I’m glad you asked!

Tire pressure: The patch fits right onto your tire tube and senses pressure through a small hole in the tube.

This prototype patch is entirely flexible and conforms to the inner surface of the tire

The flexible patch is approximately 30 mm in diameter


  • Pressure range: 0-50 psi
  • Pressure resolution: 0.01 psi
  • Read range with smartphone: 1 inch
  • Run time: Forever (no batteries)