About Us

Our Story

Rover Development is a technology development company focused on next generation RF sensing for Internet of Things applications. Rover develops technology to improve the user experience with everyday things. Rover has developed the Jasha sensing system. The Jasha system consists of a contactless, zero battery pressure sensor and a smartphone application to read and record the sensor measurements. The app communicates with the smartphone’s built-in NFC reader to power and read the sensor. The sensor is integrated into the interior bladder of sports balls or into bike tire tubes, and it measures the pressure with an accuracy of better than 0.01 psi. 

What makes us unique

Rover was founded in 2012 and is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Previous Rover projects include development of a novel blood gas analyzer, a pulse oximetry system, and open source hardware for the maker community. Depending on the application, Rover sells directly to users or licenses to partners for integration into their products. The Rover team has the expertise to develop the full sensing solution, including the hardware design, development, sourcing, and integration, software development and deployment and manufacturing process development.